Splendid furnished The National bedroom with enormous windows in Old City apartment for rent

Curbed Philly: What $3,000 rents in Philly right now

January 4, 2019

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, where we explore what you can rent or buy for a certain dollar amount in various Philly neighborhoods. This week we’re checking out homes at or around $3,000 per month. Sure, it’s a bit out of the norm from the prices we normally check out, but if you can scrape together the money (and maybe a few friends) there are many gorgeous options…

Old City (2 bed, 2 bath)—Truth be told, we’ve been waiting for a spot at The National to pop up on Curbed Comparisons, just because it’s such a high profile building. The original National building was under a lot of scrutiny for years, largely due to its iconic orange, modern facade and questions over whether it would get a place on the city’s historic register. Though the original building got that designation, it was still torn down and recently rebuilt with the owners recreating the modern facade as an homage to the original building. Needless to say, new building or not, this apartment is still a big part of Old City’s history.”

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